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Empowering the Future: Why Science Club for Girls is Great for Biotech

Empowering the Future: Why Science Club for Girls is Great for Biotech

In this episode, I had the privilege to interview Bonnie Bertolaet, Ph.D, Executive Director of Science Club for Girls, and Ashley Cooper, MS, MPhil, Curriculum Writer and Evaluation Manager at Science Club for Girls and former Co-Director of the Harvard Chapter of Science Club for Girls. Science Club for Girls aims to ignite excitement, confidence, and literacy in STEM among girls and gender-expansive youth from underrepresented communities. Bonnie and Ashley shared insights into how the organization operates, from engaging young students through hands-on activities to providing valuable mentorship opportunities for biotech employees. They discussed the importance of starting STEM education early, the transformative impact of mentorship, and the ways companies can get involved and contribute. Success stories and the personal experiences of the guests offered a powerful testament to the program's effectiveness in fostering a diverse and inclusive pipeline for future scientists. 00:00 Introduction to the Episode 00:51 Meet the Guests: Bonnie and Ashley 02:37 What is Science Club for Girls? 03:47 Engaging Young Minds in STEM 10:26 Mentorship and Corporate Engagement 21:06 Success Stories and Impact 23:16 Virtual Clubs and Future Expansion 26:22 How to Get Involved and Support 32:01 Recommended Reads and Final Thoughts Link In with Bonnie: Link In with Ashley: Learn more about Science Club for Girls: ___________________________________________________________ Building Biotechs is a podcast by Recruitomics Consulting Follow us on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you love to listen. 👉 👉
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